Black Friday - 2015 Specials!

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  1. tyler

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    Guess what folks - it's that time again! And this year, we're going a bit crazy with our craziest specials you will ever find. You won't find such high discounts anytime soon, if you've been wanting to try StableHost - now is the time!

    Starting Monday, November 23rd at 8:00AM MST, these promotions will start! They will end as soon as we hit 1000 new customers, so we expect it to go super quick.

    Coupon Requirements
    • The discount is only for the plans specified below.
    • The discount is only for new customers, existing customers also have Black Friday specials (see below).
    • This discount is only valid for one year and up plans.
    • This discount is only valid for one product per person.
    • This discount is only good for life, as long as you keep the same plan. If you upgrade or downgrade plans, you will lose your discount.
    • Affiliate sales for any Black Friday promotion will not be credited.
    Shared Hosting Black Friday Coupons (Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Pro)
    • Coupon code: BF2015-1
    • Discount: 75% Recurring
    Enterprise / Reseller / VPS Black Friday Coupons
    • Coupon code: BF2015-2
    • Discount: 40% Recurring
    Unlike most companies, they only give Black Friday coupons to new customers. We understand that's no fun so we like to give love to our existing customers as well. Therefore for all existing customers, we will be giving you a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between 11/23/15 through 11/30/15.

    Interested? I'll explain more.
    At this point, it's going to create an invoice for you. Let's say for example you wanted to add $100 of 'Prepaid Funds', it will create a $100 invoice for you. Once that invoice is paid, your account will have a $100 credit for future services. Within 72 hours of payment, we will add an additional 30% of those funds to your account. Therefore, if you made a prepaid deposit of $100, you'd actually get $130 in prepaid credits for future services / invoices.

    It's important to know there's some restrictions on the add funds, they are:
    • You can deposit any amount between $30 and $150.
    • If you already have prepaid credit in your account, you can only add up to $200 total of credits.
    • Pre-paid funds are not refundable
    • You must be an active customer to use pre-paid funds.
    Lastly and most importantly, Black Friday day (or week in this case) is a super crazy time for us. During this time, support and sales response times are usually much higher than normal. We usually get about 20x the amount of calls and tickets we normally get. So please have patience and we'll get to you as fast as we can!
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  2. Reese

    Reese New Member

    is this still available?
  3. Sherpa

    Sherpa New Member

    No its the only promo for the blackfriday deals. You can see similar offers in next time.
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  4. Linkiepoo

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    Will you guys be doing any Black Friday offers this year?
  5. Brendonwbrown

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    Replying for the Black Friday promo update.
  6. tyler

    tyler Staff Staff Member

    At this time, we're doing black friday to our existing customers. However, if you sign up you can still take advantage of it.

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